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"What is HSDD? How do I know if I have it?"

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) is clinically defined as a lack of desire for sexual activity, and also a lack or absence of sexual fantasies. To be considered as HSDD, this lack of interest in sex must occur over an extended period of time, and not just be a temporary situation of a few weeks or months. HSDD is by far the most common female sexual dysfunction and is experienced by millions of women.

medical causes of hsddAnother consideration in determining if you have HSDD as compared to other female low libido issues, is that the lack of interest in sex must cause marked stress or interpersonal difficulties in the woman's life. If this sounds like you, then there's a pretty good chance that you're suffering from HSDD.

Some women may wish to visit their doctor to confirm whether they have hypoactive sexual desire disorder. However, most information regarding HSDD is quite new, so depending where you live, some doctors may not be too familiar with HSDD yet. If your doctor is not helpful in finding treatment options for HSDD you may have to take control of your health and take action on your own.

The good news is that recent medical breakthroughs and improved research into HSDD have helped open the door to improved treatment options for women suffering from HSDD. Many products designed to restore female libido have proven extremely helpful for women with HSDD.

What causes HSDD?

The causes of HSDD vary widely among women and can depend on the types of HSDD you are dealing with. Some causes of hypoactive sexual desire disorder can include various health and or medical problems, psychiatric problems, low levels of testosterone, high levels of prolactine, or hormonal imbalance. In many cases, the causes of HSDD are simply unknown.

Although it is mainly women who suffer from HSDD, it is possible that some men will be diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder as well. This site is exclusively devoted to the problem of HSDD in women, as they are far more likely to experience the debilitating effects of HSDD. Additionally, the treatment options for men with HSDD are obviously quite different due to the chemical and hormonal differences between women and men.

The majority of women find themselves suffering from low sexual desire at some point in their lives, and the reasons for this are many. Often the many demands of a busy life leave women so exhausted that finding the time or energy to even think about sex is near impossible - let alone having the energy to actually do it. As a result, many women report that they seldom, if ever, initiate sexual contact with their partner. This can lead to feelings of rejection, resentment, infidelity, and even hostility.

Many women find it difficult to determine if they actually have HSDD, or are merely suffering from a temporary episode of low female sex drive. Often it can be hard to tell, and probably one of the best indicators is how long this feeling of decreased sexual desire lasts. If the lack of interest in sex lasts for a significant period of time, and becomes an issue for the woman or her partner, it's most likely a case of HSDD.

In any case, the treatment for low sexual desire (low female libido) and HSDD are often the same. Most women are able to significantly increase their desire for sex, and increase their sexual pleasure with a variety of treatments including HSDD products, counseling, diet, exercise, and therapy. Several herbal HSDD remedies have gained strong support by the medical community and from the women who have successfully used them to treat their HSDD.

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HSDD Treatments - Help for women with HSDD.

Before seeking help for their low sex drive, many women secretly fear that they will never again experience a 'normal' sex drive, or desire for sex - if they ever had one to begin with. This fear is unnecessary, as not only can you restore your sex drive to previous levels, many products will successfully eliminate HSDD - and increase libido and sex drive to levels that many women have never experienced before.

Treatment methods for HSDD can vary widely, since the causes of hypoactive sexual desire disorder can be biological, physical, psychological, or completely unknown. Although a pharmaceutical solution for HSDD is probably still a few years away, several natural HSDD treatments have become available in the last couple of years, and are recommended and endorsed by several doctors and naturopaths for successfully treating HSDD.

Women who have successfully used these herbal HSDD remedies report a steady and noticeable improvement in their libido and desire for sex - and a marked increase in their sexual enjoyment and ability to achieve orgasm. You should feel confident in knowing there are several products that are proving helpful in eliminating HSDD and low female sex drive. The only question is finding out which one works best for you.

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