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Symptoms of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder.

If you haven't guessed already, the main symptom of HSDD is a noticeable and profound lack of interest in sex. Most women with HSDD have little or no interest in sexual activity (with a partner or alone), no sexual fantasies, and little interest in sexual pleasure or intimacy. Obviously these symptoms have an extremely negative effect on the individual, and the relationship with their partner.

hsdd problem in the bedroom Often one of the symptoms of HSDD is that the patient complains of a lack of interest in sex even under circumstances that are ordinarily erotic in nature, such as pornography. Sexual activity is infrequent, or even nonexistent - often resulting in serious marital discord and often behind a relationship or marriage ending in separation.

HSDD Symptoms vary widely.

The types of HSDD can also have an impact on what kind of symptoms a woman experiences with hypoactive sexual desire disorder. HSDD may be selective and focused against a specific sexual partner. If boredom with the usual sexual partner is the main culprit behind decreased sex drive, and frequency of sex decreases with the usual partner - real or fantasized sexual desire toward others may be normal or even increased.

Some women will experience many symptoms of HSDD, while others may only experience one or two. Most symptoms of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder involve low sex drive, an absence in sexual fantasizing or erotic thoughts, no longer feeling aroused or excited during sex, and a substantial decrease in sexual activity with the spouse or partner. Often times, by the time women seek help with their HSDD, there has been no sex in the relationship for a substantial length of time.

Understandably, when sexual activity and intimacy has disappeared from the relationship, many problems may occur. Feelings of resentment, hostility, guilt, and unhappiness often occur in one or both partners. Sometimes this leads to infidelity, as the partner with a normal sex drive seeks satisfaction elsewhere.

Coming to the realization that low female sex drive or HSDD is present can be the first step in overcoming the negative repercussions of HSDD. Although curing HSDD does not happen overnight, when both partners recognize that a medical condition is present, and some form of treatment is being taken, then they can take satisfaction in knowing that steps are being taken to restore the sexual relationship to satisfactory levels.

HSDD symptoms - A safe and natural approach.

couple with restored sex drive At the present time there is no approved drug or pharmacological treatment for HSDD, and psychotherapy has proved to be only minimally effective for the most women with HSDD. This might make you wonder if there are any available treatments for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder which actually work.

Luckily, the answer is yes. A handful of natural female sexual enhancers have had very positive effects on women with HSDD. These herbal and completely natural HSDD treatments have proven extremely safe and very effective in increasing sexual desire and improving sexual function. We feel that with somewhat limited treatments available, that herbal HSDD products are by far the best choice for women who want help now.

Considering the huge number of women suffering from HSDD and other female sexual dysfunctions, it is only a matter of time before pharmaceutical drugs to treat HSDD will appear. However, that appears to be at least a few years away, and even then, they may only provide a cure for a small number of women. Our best guess would be that pharmaceutical medications for HSDD might be available within 3-5 years, if they can be proven safe.

Herbal HSDD treatments are available now, and are known to be safe and without side effects. The best products can be tried risk-free, as they offer excellent money back guarantees. They will help you enjoy sex again, and if you are in the minority of women for whom these products don't work, simply get your money back and try alternative treatments. But judging from the positive feedback we have witnessed, chances are these products will help you achieve a satisfying and pleasurable sex life, and improved sex drive.

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