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The following HSDD testimonials are real life accounts from women who have overcome their low female sex drive using the HSDD products mentioned on this site. We encourage you to read further, and see how you to can benefit from these HSDD treatments.

"I was concerned about the side effects from some of the medications I talked about with my doctor, but she suggested a more natural approach to deal with my lack of sex drive. The next challenge was finding the right blend of what my naturopath suggested; ginseng, ginkgo, and magnolia. My sister sent me to your website and I couldn't be happier."
Elen F, Seattle WA

woman who overcame hsdd "My sexual desire was virtually nil for years. My doctor suggested that I might have female HSDD. I was relieved to finally know the cause of the problem, but even happier that there were treatments available. I did a lot of research online to find out as much as I could. I knew therapy wasn't for me, so I finally decided on Provestra, and I'm absolutely thrilled. I actually feel sexual desire like when I was a teenager again!"
Nancy N, Toronto - Canada

My doctor couldn't recommend any medications to treat my HSDD, and I didn't want to take drugs anyway. I was happy to find a natural treatment which was effective but also didn't have any side effects. The differences Femestril made were quite noticeable right away. Now we're actually having sex a couple of times a week, when before it was every few months - if that. Needless to say, things have improved quite a bit in our relationship."
Liz Sweeney, Chicago IL

"My HSDD seemed like it was gone in a matter of weeks..."

After 6 weeks of Hersolution capsules my sex drive was much stronger. My husband asked what had gotten into me, but he's sure loving it, and so am I. Even when I was younger I never truly enjoyed sex that much, but now I'm really loving it - I actually had an orgasm for the first time ever!!"
Melinda S, New Zealand

"I found your site after looking online for a natural HRT alternative. Most of the others I've tried have caffeine or other stimulants I can't take because of medication conflicts. After taking Femestril for just two months now, I have a lot of confidence in the change it's made - nothing drastic, I just feel like 'me' again."
Suzanne B, Los Angeles CA

"My sex drive had essentially vanished, even though I was quite interested in sex when I was younger. Provestra helped me get back to the person I was before. If only I had known about HSDD before, I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and guilt. I always felt like it was my fault and something was wrong with me. Now I know it wasn't my fault, and Provestra has really improved my desire for sex. I'm actually thrilled with the results already, and it's still getting better."
Helena D, UK

happy couple

"I can't believe I'm actually enjoying sex now..."

"I had been experiencing the symptoms of HSDD for years before I even knew what HSDD was. Just knowing what was causing our problem in the bedroom was a huge relief. I did a lot of research, and Provestra seemed to be the best option for me. I wanted something safe and mild - yet effective enough to make a difference. Provestra has really been a life-saver for my relationship!"
Donna & Jim Loveridge, NJ

"I had been studying HSDD treatments for some time, as I knew my low sex drive was ruining my relationship with my boyfriend. The change was noticeable right away, I started actually initiating sex with my boyfriend again which was never happening before. My sex drive definitely went up a lot and it seems to be getting better all the time."
Sylvia D, Boston MA

"I have been using Vigorelle for a few weeks and have never had such intense orgasms. I have also been taking Provestra for the same time period. This product does what it says it does. A warm rush and heightened sensitivity to the clitoral region. I also put a little on my husbands private areas and it drives him "CRAZY". What a great product. Every woman needs to be using this!!"
Tamela - Texas

"After our second child was born, we were getting used to being sleepless, sexless zombies. Even just having the Femestril arrive showed my husband I wanted things to change, and we've both been more attentive. I'm excited to see the results, and I'm not the only one. We actually look forward to bedtime now. I have already recommended Femestril to several of my friends."
Amanda J, Tuscon AZ

"What a difference. I used to dread sex and actually made excuses to avoid it or pretend to be asleep. Since I started using VigorelleT, I want it all the time, I think about it all the time, and I plan other things around my new sex life! My husband is thrilled that now I'm the one who initiates it."
Geri, 46, Vermont

This is just a small sampling of women who have benefited from the HSDD treatments mentioned on this site. We recommend these products as they have proven to be the most effective -  and shown the greatest success in eliminating HSDD and restoring female sex drive. We encourage you to learn more about these products and see if they might be right for you. Good luck!

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