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Successful treatments for women with HSDD.

While several medications and drugs can help cause HSDD in women, there are currently no prescription medications designed to cure it. This is mainly because recognition of HSDD is quite new, and pharmaceutical drugs take an extremely long time to come to market. There are herbal treatments currently available however, which have proven extremely effective for the majority of women.

This HSDD treatment comparison is designed to give you a brief overview of products which have proven extremely helpful for women with HSDD and low sex drive. For more detailed information of these products, please visit the manufacturer's website, as we do not sell any of the products mentioned on this site. We review and rate these products based on many criteria. However, some factors are of course more important than others.
The Top HSDD products are rated on:
  • Effectiveness - Which ones produce the most noticeable results?
  • Safety - Are the products clinically tested and completely safe?
  • Value - Is the cost reasonable based on the results?
  • Support - Do they provide excellent customer service and follow up support?
We know there are several products currently available for women to choose from. However, we only recommend products which have proven to be effective, are completely safe, and manufactured in FDA approved and CGMP certified labs.

Top rated HSDD treatments - Comparison:

The Top 3

provestra femestril capsules vigorelle cream
  Provestra Femestril Vigorelle
Reputation Excellent Excellent Very Good
Guarantee 67-days 60-days 60-days
Cost $49.95 $49.95 $49.95
Best Discount* 6-Month supply 9-Month supply 6-Month supply
Bonuses Yes Yes Yes
Prescription No No No
Results Excellent Excellent Very Good
Value #1 Rating #2 Rating #3 Rating
Rating provestra is rated 5-stars femestril is rated 5-stars vigorelle is rated 4-stars
Website www.femestril.com www.vigorelle.com
*TIP - Save up to $75 on Provestra and Femestril when you order a 6-month supply. ($150 when you order the Femestril 9-month supply!)

As you can see, all of these companies offer very good HSDD products which deliver excellent results. Although Provestra and Femestril are both outstanding products, we give our top rating to Provestra, as it has been around the longest, and because the company's reputation is unsurpassed in the industry. Provestra was the first product to successfully treat low female sex drive, and continues to be the best selling female libido enhancer available today.

These herbal HSDD treatments are medically formulated and recommended by a growing list of doctors and naturopaths. Improvement will usually be noticed in a matter of weeks, but most of these products can take between 3 - 6 months to fully achieve the optimal effects. It is important to note their safety record is unblemished and there are no reports of negative side effects of any kind.

"Finally - I wanted sex again - and it was great!"

HSDD treatments have had a profound effect on restoring sex drive and enjoyment for millions of women around the globe. Here is you chance to rekindle your sexual passion and once again enjoy the spark of sexual desire and pleasure. That means increased sexual enjoyment and pleasure for you AND your partner.
happy couple overcame hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Herbal HSDD treatments will:

  • Increase libido and low female sex drive
  • Restore desire for sexual intimacy
  • Balance hormone and mineral levels
  • Improve sexual enjoyment and pleasure
  • Enhance lubrication and sensitivity

The reason we're so confident in recommending these treatments to increase female sex drive and eliminate HSDD is simple. We know they work because we have used them ourselves. Additionally, we have heard from thousands of women who have told us that not only did these products work - but they significantly changed and improved their lives.

Most women and men will agree that a healthy and active sex life is vital for the success of any relationship. Without a good sex life, many negative effects often occur. Resentment, jealousy, unhappiness,  and infidelity - and very often one or more of these factors can lead to the end of what was a happy and positive relationship.

This is why we feel strongly about the HSDD treatments we recommend - because of the number of women who've told us that they've reintroduced passion and intimacy into their lives, and saved their relationship with their partner. When it comes down to overall happiness in life - what's more important than a healthy and happy relationship with your lover?

The best part is, you can try any of these products risk-free, because we only recommend companies which stand behind their products with 'no hassle' 100% money back guarantees. Always buy direct from the manufacturer to receive all appropriate discounts and bonuses, but also to ensure you're covered by their outstanding money-back guarantees.
To Learn more about these effective HSDD treatments:
  Visit www.provestra.com to learn more about Provestra

  Visit www.femestril.com to learn more about Femestril

  Visit www.vigorelle.com to learn more about Vigorelle

Keep checking back as we're constantly updating our HSDD comparisons and reviews. Better yet - contact us and give us your HSDD treatment success story - we'll add it to our testimonials!

These HSDD products can improve your life dramatically in a fairly short amount of time. Are you ready to increase sexual desire and feel passion again? These HSDD treatments are guaranteed to work for you - or you don't pay for them. It's really that simple. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. We wish you luck in whichever path you choose to eliminate HSDD and low female sex drive. Good luck!

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